Drs. Hector Gonzalez, Director of Health; Fernando Sanchez, Infectious Disease Specialist; and Victor Treviño, Family Practitioner and Health Authority, with the support of the COVID Physician Committee, today issued the following statement regarding COVID-19 in Laredo:

“The majority of people who get COVID-19 will not develop complications and fully recover from the disease at home. But, some will in fact have complications that may result in hospitalization or worse. Of the 444 tested to date, 64 percent are negative, and 7 have recovered.  This is a good news. Also, the reports we give you are results that have come in and not a result of persons being confirmed on the same day. Results come in on average in 3-5 days. The results that we report are over time. Yet this is a very serious situation we are in and we ask the public to stay in their homes and practice social distancing so that we can flatten the curve. It takes everyone doing their part to make sure that they protect themselves and others from this virus.

Risk factors for developing complications includes being over the age of 60, having high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, lung cancer, asthma and any underlying chronic health condition. But anyone can get the disease and, more importantly, those without any symptoms can be carriers of the virus and still transmit it to others without being sick. This is why it is extremely important to practice social distancing, stay home and only leave for necessities, wash your hand with soap and water often, use disinfectant gel when soap and water aren’t available, and wear a mask when in public.

If you have symptoms, assume you have COVID-19 and take Tylenol to bring down your fever and get plenty of rest, eat nutritious meals and drink plenty of fluids. You must quarantine for at least two weeks. If you are sick, stay home. If you are caring for someone who is sick, dedicate one room and one bathroom for them until they get better and use a mask when attending to them. Try to only go to the E.R. or hospital if you have trouble breathing.

It will take time and effort to get through this, but we need every Laredoan to do their part to keep us all safe.”