The City of Laredo will commence a parking enforcement initiative next week in the Eastwoods and Ghost Town neighborhoods. The initiative is focused on enforcing city ordinances related to parking violations across the city by issuing parking tickets and educating the community on traffic safety. The enforcement is part of the city’s commitment to Vision Zero, a multi-national road traffic safety project aimed at reducing traffic fatalities and accidents while increasing safe mobility for all.

Common parking violations that enforcement officers will be looking out for include unauthorized use of disabled or handicap parking, parked against traffic flow, blocked driveways, obstruction of traffic, parking on crosswalks and sidewalks, parking within 20 feet of intersections, obstruction of fire-hydrants and commercial vehicles in residential areas. To avoid receiving a citation, residents are asked to park their cars correctly per city ordinances prior to next week’s enforcement in the area.  

For more information, you may contact the Traffic Department, Parking Division at 956-794-1780.