On Friday, the Webb County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit executed two felony arrest warrants at the 1300 block of Rosario Street in Laredo, Texas. While the investigators were executing the warrants, they found two brothers, 10 and 12, alone at the residence. 

The boys stated their father had left to go get food. Investigators also discovered narcotics residue inside the kitchen area counter. Upon the father returning, investigators immediately detained David Cortez, 33, who had two felony warrants for possession of controlled substance. Investigators then obtained a search warrant for the residence and during the search, they found 5.4 ounces of cocaine, along with $2,474 in U.S currency. 

Cortez was charged with two counts of abandonment / endangering of child, state jail felony and possession of controlled substance, felony 2.  

The residence is located one block away from Heights Elementary School.

“These are repeated drugs seizures that our men and women in uniform have been doing in order to keep our neighborhoods safe and free of drugs. These seizures demonstrate that our everyday operations lead to a reduction of street level drug distribution in our city and county. As always, I congratulate our narcotics division for their continued commitment to protect and serve our community,” said Sheriff Martin Cuellar. 

If you know of any crimes being committed, please call our “Report Your Competition” hotline at 956-415 BUST (2878).