A house fire was reported at the 3200 blk of San Dario by a passer-by whom saw smoke coming out of the house. The man who stopped said he saw the smoke and stopped the vehicle in front of the home he then says heard sirens behind him and a Deputy telling him to move. The man says the unit behind him was a Sheriff deputy in he’s unit. He advised the deputy of the smoke coming from the home and immediately the deputy called it in.

Fire Rescue arrived police then followed and then 2 ambulances as well, it was being said 2 men were inside the home. Soon there after a dozen family remembers arrived. They waited impatiently to hear any news.

Soon there after it was known that inside the home they found an older man deceased.
It is being said only 1 person was found inside the residence.
At this time authorities and Fire Marshall’s are investigating the incident to try and determine what caused the fire.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.