At about 5:30am more than a dozen shots were fired at a North Laredo home.
When Police arrived they encountered 3 people shot.
It is being said that 22 yr old Cesar Terrazas arrived at 127 Knoll armed with an AK-47 gained entry into the home where his Ex-Girlfriend lives. It is being said Terrazas shot his ex girlfriends mother a 52 yr old female in the leg and inner thigh and then shot the ex girlfriends brother a 21 yr old in the abdomen.
At this time the victims are in stable condition.

It is also being said that a neighbor whom is a police officer heard the shots and responded to the residence where he was also injured by a gun shot but NOT CONFIRMED.
Authorities have released information saying the suspect fired more then 70 shots. The suspect was detained and taken into custody.

At this time Terrazas who works as a truck driver is being charged with 2 counts of Attempted Capital Murder/ Felony 1 - 2 Counts Aggravated Assault Felony 1 - 1 count of Burglary of habitation Felony 1 - 1 count of Aggravated Assault causing seriously bodily injury Felony 1.

Delmar area by Broad-crest Dozens of shots fired. It is said suspect is on the loose. Police walking the area. 3 ambulance left the scene.
It is being said by a neighbor that a man got home from a ranch to his house and shot his wife but NOT CONFIRMED AT THIS TIME

Shots fired at a residence at Knoll and Villastrigo.
Incident occurred at 127 Knoll