U.S. Border Patrol agents prevented two separate human smuggling attempts within hours of each other at the Interstate 35 (I-35) checkpoint north of Laredo, Texas.

The first incident occurred during the late afternoon hours of November 25, when agents working the primary inspection lanes of the Interstate 35 (I-35) Border Patrol checkpoint encountered a U-Haul box truck.  During the immigration inspection, a Service canine alerted to the odors of narcotics and/or concealed humans within the vehicle.  The driver was instructed to proceed to secondary inspection where agents discovered 14 individuals hiding in the box truck.  The individuals, all Mexican Nationals, and the driver, a U.S. Citizen, were taken into custody pending investigation.

The second incident occurred hours later, when a white tractor-trailer approached the primary lanes of the I-35 checkpoint.  Further inspection led agents to the discovery of 12 individuals who were Mexican Nationals illegally present in the United States.  Agents took the subjects along with the driver into custody pending further investigation.

Both cases were turned over to Homeland Security Investigations.