The Laredo Sector celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Explorer program on November 16, in a ceremony held in Laredo Texas.  Border Patrol Explorers and their families led by Laredo Sector command staff commemorated the anniversary with a historical overview of the program, recognition of advisors and explorers, and the promotion of six Border Patrol explorers to supervisory positions within the program.

The Border Patrol Explorer program was first established in Laredo Sector in 1984.  It provides local youth with an understanding of law enforcement duties, promotes self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility, and volunteerism.  The Laredo Sector currently has explorer posts at the Hebbronville, Laredo North, and Laredo South Stations with over 70 explorers.  With 28 posts primarily in Texas, Arizona, and California, the program offers 14-20 year olds hands-on experience with the opportunity to work with dedicated U.S. Border Patrol professionals throughout their formative years.

Explorers attend a two-week academy that includes physical training, drill and ceremony, Use of Force/Defensive Tactics, criminal, immigration, naturalization and statutory laws, CPR/First Aid, survival swimming, and basic handgun safety.

Alliance to Combat Transnational Threats Director Jaime Fierro stated, “For all of the young men and women here today, I challenge you to keep setting goals, but most importantly, remain disciplined and develop a plan to achieve your goals.  Being part of the Explorer program can be the catalyst that you need to enter your adulthood with an advantage over others.  The knowledge and discipline that you gain in being part of a program like this will increase your chances of success in whatever you wish to endeavor upon.”