We have received several calls from people of the community reporting calls where the caller identifies himself as a representative from a law enforcement agency, typically from the Webb County Sheriff’s Office. They are threatening people by saying that they have a warrant for their arrest and that it will face penalties if they do not collect monies from that person. These callers are targeting everyone from our community. They are very knowledgeable and skillful on how to extort and ask for monies. They have been requesting payments through prepaid debit cards and other related methods of payment. If you have been a target of these calls, try to get all of the information you can from the caller, such as phone number and write it down so you can report them to authorities immediately. Don’t answer any personal questions by phone or text. It is important to know that no law enforcement agency from our County will call to threaten people with warrants if they don’t collect monies. As your Sheriff, I want to inform the community, so we do not fall for these fraudulent calls. We have taken serious actions against these fraudulent callers and we are further investigating from where the calls are coming.