🚨🚨OJO🚨🚨(Laredo,Tx) I wasn’t going to post this but I want everyone to see the bullshit our DA does in giving this Monster of a person a plea of 20 yrs!!

I’ve been holding on to this picture since February I told myself I wasn’t going to post out of respect for the beautiful child who’s life was cut short in the hands of those who were suppose to protect her!!!
Our DA has failed us and I feel 20 yrs for taking the life of a precious child is not enough!!!
Wtf is going on though you all’s head? I’ve seen cases of drugs where men get sentenced to more then that and this Monster gets 20! Where is the JUSTICE IN THIS??!!

She got a 20-year sentence that will run consecutively with her 10-year revocation sentence regarding her prior conviction of child negligence.

We were suppose to be the voice to this child and today our DA FAILED HER not only them but CPS as well! If the department of Child and Protective services had done their job this wouldn’t have happened!! This case reminds me of the Katherine Cardenas Case, CPS also failed that little girl!!! Things need to change and they need to change quick!!
Remember people you vote people into office and you can vote them out!!
To everyone at the DA’s office look at that picture of that beautiful little girl and then look at the third one where she was found inside that bucket, DID THE MOTHER DESERVE A PLEA OF 20 yrs?? Answer that question with a straight face! You have failed Baby Rebecca Zavala!!!! 😭😭😭😞