City of Laredo Co-Interim City Managers Rosario Cabello and Robert Eads today announced Juan J. Gomez, Jr. as permanent director of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, effectively immediately. Mr. Gomez was appointed as interim department director on August 6, 2019. He has been with the City of Laredo for over three years, serving in the Parks and Recreation Department in a number of capacities, and has expertise in operations, personnel management and public recreation. He will oversee the administration of the department as well as the operations of all city parks and recreational facilities along with current Assistant Directors Anita Stanley and Graciela Briones.

Mr. Gomez brings an additional 29 years of experience and service from the United Independent School District, where he was most recently Head Basketball Coach at United High School.

Local parks and public recreational centers increase public health, improve quality of life and contribute to the economic development of nearby neighborhoods.

“The Parks and Recreation Department is the third largest department at the City of Laredo and increases the quality of life for local residents,” said Co-Interim City Managers Rosario Cabello and Robert Eads. “We understand the need for family, sporting and nature recreation and have the utmost confidence in Mr. Gomez’ ability to provide a superb level of customer service and care to our public parks system.”

The City of Laredo Parks and Recreation Department manages over 100 public parks, 19 splash parks and swimming pools, 12 recreational centers, six dog parks, Uni-Trade Stadium, an extensive and award-winning golf course, and miles of hike and bike trails across our community.