A Laredo family is asking for prayers for their
1 yr old Daughter Kahli Emerson.
Yesterday afternoon the family was having a get together when their pet put-bull attacked the little girl.
The dog grabbed ahold of the child’s head and wouldn’t let go. The dog eventually let go after the child’s father hit the dog and attacked him.
The child was transported to a local hospital but due to her Severe head injuries she was flown to the University hospital in San Antonio where she remains in critical conditions.
The child suffered a broken skull and is having surgery soon, the family needs all the prayers they can get.

You’re with us.
Though you are not seen,
We know that you stay by our side.
You love us,
More than we could know,
And you feel each tear that we cry.
We trust you,
To take hold of our hands,
Until we’re recovered and well. AMEN...