On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, Americans will celebrate National Voter Registration Day. Your vote is valuable and if you have not registered, the Laredo Public Libraries will see you are registered quickly and easily. With local elections happening in a few weeks, every eligible American voter should exercise his orContinue Reading

This is regarding the recent vote by the commissioners court on giving themselves a raise. Esto es para que se les quite Lo pen#%^* neta smh ahhh pero vayan a votar por tano porque esta bien bueno decian ellas 😂 as de cuenta que ustedes le están pagando por chulo

(Zapata, Tx) 🚨PLEASE SHARE🚨🤔 Thoughts?…. It appears that we opened a huge can of worms yesterday. Seems like the word is spreading like wildfire. We have complaints coming in left and right. Little by little one day at a time, we are going to learn more and more about who the realContinue Reading

So on July 15 at 12pm I had a scheduled meeting with Councilman Balli about having MORE POLICE PRESENCE and LIGHTING in certain areas in Downtown due to the fact that It’s becoming more populated because of the bars. We spoke about the murder we all know about Myriam CamarilloContinue Reading