Missing Persons

🚨🚨OJO🚨🚨(Laredo,Tx) Please Share… A Laredo Family is asking the community for help, their loved one has been missing since Thursday and have no clue to his whereabouts. If anyone has any information you are asked to call the Laredo Police department At 956-795-2800 and or you can inbox me. IContinue Reading

Me acaban de mandar esto, se dice que pueden estar aquí en LAREDO,TX…. Leen el comunicado de abajo…

Please Share I just received this message from the brother of the missing…. This is my brother Scott, he went missing 2 days ago and we haven’t heard a word from him since. His phones been off and he hasn’t gone home or gotten in touch with anyone.. this isn’tContinue Reading

LPD NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING NOW!! This isn’t right!!Once again the parents to Alejandra Vasquez 16 are asking for your help in locating her!! She has ran away for the 3rd time with this man pictured below!! Wtf!!! Is happening with the authorities that are t doing shit to Arrest thisContinue Reading