City of #Laredo Issues Fifth Amended Emergency Ordinance in Response to COVID-19 Health Emergency

Boys & Girls Clubs of #Laredo provide Grab-n-Go Backpack Meals and
Virtual/Distant Learning Activities during COVID-19 Closure

City of #Laredo Launches COVID-19 Utilities Relief Program

#Laredo Border Patrol Rescue Several Individuals Abandoned in the Brush

WebbCounty Sheriff’s Office deputies seize 300 pounds of #marijuana

#WebbCounty Sheriff’s Office arrest man on burglary charges

CBP Agriculture Specialists at South #Texas Ports of Entry Ensure Mother’s Day Plants and Flowers are Disease and Pest-Free

#Laredo CBP Field Operations Intercepts Narcotics and Currency Totaling $1.1 Million in Value

#Laredo #Texas DPS Evading Arrest Incident

#Laredo El Metro to Increase Passenger CapacityEl Metro to Increase Passenger Capacity

Sheriff’s Office anonymous tip leads to #marijuana seizure #WebbCounty

City of #Laredo, County Confirm 17th COVID-19 Related Death

Free COVID-19 Tests Coming to #WebbCounty

#Laredo Sector Border Patrol Agents Seized a Large Amount of #Marijuana at Checkpoint

City of #Laredo Provides Update on COVID-19 Cases at Local Hospitals

Sheriff’s Office announces COVID-19 positive cases at jail, outlines cleaning and disinfecting efforts #WebbCounty

#WebbCounty Sheriff’s Office traffic stop leads to seizure of #marijuana

#Laredo Border Patrol Discovers 36 Individuals Hidden Inside a Trailer

#Laredo Sector Border Patrol Agents Save the Life of an Infant

City, County Confirm 16th COVID-19 Related Death #Laredo #WebbCounty

#Laredo Mayor Saenz Issues Statement on Governor’s Order to Reopen #Texas

#Laredo CBP Officers Intercept Hard Narcotics Worth Over $25 Million At The World Trade Bridge

City, County Confirm 12th COVID-19 Related Death #Laredo #WebbCounty

Media Statement from #Laredo Medical Center

A #Laredo CBP officer allegedly shoots & kills local firefighter

#Laredo #WebbCounty City, County Confirm Two New COVID-19 Related Deaths

Sheriff Martin Cuellar announces new pilot at #WebbCounty Sheriff’s OfficeSheriff Martin Cuellar announces new pilot at #WebbCounty Sheriff’s Office

DPS Traffic Stop Leads To Drug Seizure #Laredo

City of #Laredo Explains COVID-19 Test Results Data

COVID Physician Committee Issues Statement on COVID-19 #Laredo

City, County Confirm Sixth COVID-19 Related Death #Laredo #WebbCounty

#Laredo Customer Service Departments at City Hall Annex Transition to Online and Phone Services Only

#Laredo COVID-19 Update

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🚨OJO🚨❤️💛💚💙🧡💝Pla-Mor wants to invite th republic to come and support JALEN GARCIA who is hospitalized in MD Anderson Houston hospital.Jalen is fighting Cancer,


NPR Weekend Edition Sunday


Chasing crime and traffic, streaming them live on Facebook. She's a news source in Laredo and a controversial figure.

Los Angeles Times


The ‘crazy fat lady’ reports on crime from the Texas border. Cops say she’s gone too far, and now she’s facing charges.

Laredo Morning Times Newspaper

JeriLynn Thorpe

'La Gordiloca' receives national attention as the 'swearing muckraker' on the border.

Texas Monthly

For Lagordiloca, Live-Streaming Crime Scenes is Just a Night’s Work

Laredo Police Department

'La Gordiloca' arrest part of a 'fluid and ongoing' investigation

LA Times

“Lagordiloca, reporting what’s happening — buenas noches”

Texas Citizen Journalist "Lagordiloca" Charged Over Her Facebook Live Videos

Latino USA

“Lagordiloca,” has become a highly controversial social media sensation

My San Antonio

Judge throws out charges against blogger called La Gordiloca

Houston Chronicle

Internet sensation La Gordiloca arrested, faces charges of misuse of official information

The Texas Monitor

‘Crazy fat lady’ wins free speech victory!

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