City, County Confirm Second COVID-19 Related Death #Laredo #WebbCounty

City, County Confirm First COVID-19 Related Death

#Laredo Sector Border Patrol Prevents Narcotics Smuggling Attempt

City, County Announce 2 New Positive COVID-19 Cases #Laredo #WebbCounty

City, County Announce 2 New Positive COVID-19 Cases

CBP Officers Create a Double Play As They Seize Two Large Shipments of Narcotics at the World Trade Bridge #Laredo

Border Patrol Checkpoint on IH35 Accident #Laredo

El Metro and El Lift Service for Essential Use Effective Immediately #Laredo

City, County Close All Recreational Facilities and Parks

City, County Confirm 4 Total Positive COVID-19 Cases in #Laredo

#Laredo Mayor Saenz Issues Statement on New Travel Restrictions at Ports of Entry

City of #Laredo Confirms 2nd COVID-19 Case #Coronavirus

#Texas AG, An Important Message Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


CBP #Laredo Port of Entry Reminds Public of Prohibited Agricultural Items

City of #Laredo Emergency Declaration Facts on COVID-19

City of #Laredo Emergency declaration fact sheet

#Laredo Mayor Saenz Issues Order Prohibiting Community Gatherings of 50 or More

El Metro Limited Capacity for All Routes

#LAREDO CBP Field Operations Intercepts Narcotics in Commercial Shipments Worth Nearly $2 Million at the World Trade Bridge

Notice from LISD #Laredo

CBP Officers at the #Laredo Port of Entry Apprehend Fugitive Sought for Indecent Sexual Contact of a Child

#WebbCounty Sheriff’s Office Deputies intercept crystal meth and arrest two individuals

City of #Laredo, #WebbCounty Confirm Positive #COVID-19 Case

City of #Laredo, County Issue Disaster Declarations

City of #Laredo Statement on COVID-19 Tests

City of #Laredo Statement on COVID-19 Tests

CBP to Launch Paperless I-94 Process for Holy Week at #Laredo Port of Entry; Advises Travelers that Passports or Provisional I-94 Receipts are Needed

STAAR testing requirements have been waived for the 2019-2020 school year #Texas

City of #Laredo Addresses Local Testing for COVID-19

City of #Laredo Clarifies COVID-19 Concerns

#Laredo CBP Officers Intercept Hard Narcotics Worth Over $1 Million At the World Trade Bridge

CBP Officers Seize Cocaine Worth Nearly $200K at the #Laredo Port of Entry

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NPR Weekend Edition Sunday


Chasing crime and traffic, streaming them live on Facebook. She's a news source in Laredo and a controversial figure.

Los Angeles Times


The ‘crazy fat lady’ reports on crime from the Texas border. Cops say she’s gone too far, and now she’s facing charges.

Laredo Morning Times Newspaper

JeriLynn Thorpe

'La Gordiloca' receives national attention as the 'swearing muckraker' on the border.

Texas Monthly

For Lagordiloca, Live-Streaming Crime Scenes is Just a Night’s Work

Laredo Police Department

'La Gordiloca' arrest part of a 'fluid and ongoing' investigation

LA Times

“Lagordiloca, reporting what’s happening — buenas noches”

Texas Citizen Journalist "Lagordiloca" Charged Over Her Facebook Live Videos

Latino USA

“Lagordiloca,” has become a highly controversial social media sensation

My San Antonio

Judge throws out charges against blogger called La Gordiloca

Houston Chronicle

Internet sensation La Gordiloca arrested, faces charges of misuse of official information

The Texas Monitor

‘Crazy fat lady’ wins free speech victory!

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